September 10

My Inspiration

“Often it is the only thing between you and impossibility.

No drink,

No man’s love,

No wealth, can match it

Nothing can save you except writing.

It keeps the walls from falling,

The hordes from closing in.

It blasts the darkness.

Writing is the ultimate psychiatrist.

The kindliest god of all gods.

Writing stalks death.

It knows no quits.

And writing laughs at itself

At pain.

It is the last expectation,

The last explanation.

That’s what it is.”

Charles Bukowski

Paying homage to the man who taught me that writing needs no audience but the author, yet the audience lends an ear and somehow soothes the writer’s soul. Writing is my therapy, an outlet for my restless mind. My hope is that somehow the written, wrestling of my thoughts will somehow touch the lives of the special hearts that choose to embark on 5150 Love.

Kathy Mejia