December 15

Restoration “Suave Says”

On reflecting on this weeks episode one thing comes to mind, restoration. Relationships that have been broken, abandoned, taken for granted and to a certain degree destroyed can’t be completely restored in a 30 minute episode but what is important is that there is an initial effort. That is what the Episode entitled “Lazos Familiares” […]

December 08

Monster in Law “Suave Says”

At times I look at Kathy Mejia and her exciting life unfolding on social media and I think, Wow I’d like to be her for a day! But I’m just me, trying to unpack from a move across the country, starting a small business, figuring out what’s for dinner and trying to walk my over […]

June 27

Crazy Love Story

Love is crazy. There is no other word to explain it. It can make us act like neurotic lunatics. Love can make us feel like we are losing our minds. We start to analyze our actions and question our own sanity. We self diagnose ourselves and believe that we must have something mentally wrong with […]

August 21

The Worst of Me

July 01

Crazy Love

There comes a point in life when we need to let go of our attraction to idealistic crazy love and just allow ourselves to let someone really love us without all the drama. Let them love us like crazy. Maybe not in my world. Maybe someday.

June 24

The Reason

June 08

Give it Time

Through the years we make terrible, awful mistakes Stop trying to put the pieces together Leave them on the floor Rejection and pain may feel like home But stop finding safety in what seems familiar Release hurt Release fear You can’t keep one foot on the brakes You don’t see it, till you feel it […]

May 12

I Call Her Mother

She is the first face I ever knew The arms that held me through and through I was her treasure she was my prize, each and every day She is the lullaby in my dreams I’ll always be her everything She’s always there for me it seems There is no measure of the love she […]

April 26

Save Me

Picking up the pieces of my fall No alibi No way to justify Change my heart oh God Remove this pain from me Show me my value only you can see Love has pushed me aside Damaged me Stole my eternity A collection of broken bones My spirit lost and forsaken Bound to damnation These […]

April 05

Why I Write

“Often it is the only thing between you and impossibility. No drink, No man’s love, No wealth, can match it Nothing can save you except writing. It keeps the walls from falling, The hordes from closing in. It blasts the darkness. Writing is the ultimate psychiatrist. The kindliest god of all gods. Writing stalks death. […]