Save Me

Picking up the pieces of my fall
No alibi
No way to justify
Change my heart oh God
Remove this pain from me
Show me my value only you can see

Love has pushed me aside
Damaged me
Stole my eternity
A collection of broken bones
My spirit lost and forsaken
Bound to damnation

These shadows that lurk over me
My own disgrace
Seeks your embrace
When everything’s lost in darkness
Caught up in captivity
Removing scales so I can see

Free me from my own desires
My good intentions
Need redemption
Am I too far gone
Lift me up off the floor
Allow me to love like I did before

Break the chains that bind me
Release my depression
Bury my obsessions
Let failure serve it’s purpose
Surrendering my own story
Allowing God to have the glory

May my trials be my trophies
Cover my shame
In your holy Name
Just one moment of change
Grant me absolution
Your grace is my solution

Polish me as bright as gold
Now I am redeemed
Spotless and clean
Beauty for ashes, strength for fear
No longer retribution
My soul full restitution