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June 08

Give it Time

Through the years we make terrible, awful mistakes Stop trying to put the pieces together Leave them on the floor Rejection and pain may feel like home But stop finding safety in what seems familiar Release hurt Release fear You can’t keep one foot on the brakes You don’t see it, till you feel it […]

April 26

Save Me

Picking up the pieces of my fall No alibi No way to justify Change my heart oh God Remove this pain from me Show me my value only you can see Love has pushed me aside Damaged me Stole my eternity A collection of broken bones My spirit lost and forsaken Bound to damnation These […]

October 21

Come Back To Me

The days aren’t quite the same There’s a chill in the air You are out there fighting demons I’m waiting, it’s not fair Love isn’t always what you dream of Sometimes it hurts too much Treading through the dark times And longing for your touch. There is no pill to stop the pain The answer […]

August 10


The Earth stands still Silence that feels surreal Peculiar humming, haunting light No warning, no watch Not aware of what’s in sight Conscious to the eerie calm of the night I never saw it coming I never felt like running Winds of change were in the air Tainted heart, tarnished love Preexisting conditions were already […]

June 24

When You’re Gone

Falling off the edge into the abyss Nothing or no one to break your fall. Hanging onto illusions Hoping for revelation Realizing that reality is cold and lonely. Emptiness is a murderer Torturing a slow death Loneliness is suicide Slowly bleeding the life from your veins Depression is a poison Contaminating everything you touch Hope […]

June 19

Broken Doll

Pretty little baby Sitting on a shelf Such a lovely doll Waiting patiently for help Hoping to be loved Wanting to be saved Someone to notice how lovely she was Someone to notice anything Patient little angel Alone upon a shelf Such a pretty face Tears that make her heart melt Blue eyes soak her […]