June 19

Broken Doll

Pretty little baby
Sitting on a shelf
Such a lovely doll
Waiting patiently for help
Hoping to be loved
Wanting to be saved
Someone to notice how lovely she was
Someone to notice anything

Patient little angel
Alone upon a shelf
Such a pretty face
Tears that make her heart melt
Blue eyes soak her pillow
Sleep ceases to exist
Nobody sees the desires in her soul
Nobody sees anything

Smiling little princess
Took her off the shelf
Held in safety’s arms
Heaven’s all she felt
Only for a moment
Feeling her heart beat
Someone held her strong
Someone really cared

Used up little doll
Put back upon the shelf
Such a shattered heart
The cards that life has dealt
Ripped to shreds, Sew her up
So many Scars to bare
Nobody knows the pain inside
Nobody knows anything

Damaged little lady
Lifeless on the shelf
Such a hollow doll
A space where love once dwelt
Once cherished, now forgotten
Forsaken and abandoned
Someone made her special
Someone made her bleed

Dusty broken doll
Praying on the shelf
Hoping to forget
The love that she once felt
No where left to turn
A dim light burns inside
Nobody can fix her
She must learn to love herself