May 25


Lingering at crossroads
Reluctant to choose either way
Understanding the choices I make
Determine the rest of my days

Choices that establish who I am
Hope for what I will become
Opportunities that make me stay
Or those that make me run

There will be bridges I must cross
And there will be bridges I will burn
There will be people there to love
And memories of times that left me torn.

Life is full of beautiful mistakes
Embrace them because we grow
To welcome every consequence.
Becoming stronger with each blow

Whichever path I choose
May gods peace lesson my load.
The security of what I know
Or the unchartered road

I only have but one desire
That I love myself enough to be strong
Which ever direction I may travel
That my rights outweigh my wrongs

I pray I I leave behind me
A feeling I’ve grown to accept
“I love you but not enough” love
I thought I deserved, my greatest debt