August 10


The Earth stands still

Silence that feels surreal

Peculiar humming, haunting light

No warning, no watch

Not aware of what’s in sight

Conscious to the eerie calm of the night

I never saw it coming

I never felt like running

Winds of change were in the air

Tainted heart, tarnished love

Preexisting conditions were already there

The calm before the storm arising everywhere

An unforeseen force shifts my balance

Directly towards me without malice

So fast I didn’t know what hit me

Confused clouds, flashing lights

Arising at the speed of sound unable to flee

Confined in its path, unwilling to break free

Twisting and plummeting me to a perilous height

Hoping to survive the dark of the night

An obsession with risk I couldn’t let go

Whistling winds, drowned out screams

Letting go of the only security I’ve ever known

Swept away in the spiraling magic of the unknown

Powerful and strong winds carrying me away

Praying for each new day

To be lost in the force of its embrace

Beautiful strength, gentle peace

The eye of the storm, a moment of grace

Tranquility that time can’t erase

The ground no longer shakes

Hearts subject to break

Nothing in sight to catch my fall

Healing wounds, welcomed scars

Sorting through the debris at the wailing wall

Nothing to salvage but a damaged rag doll

Destroyed a canvas that was tired and worn

Don’t close your eyes you are about to be reborn

Painting a new masterpiece over the rainbow

Promised hope, raining blessings

Eruption of rebirth like a volcano

Rebuilt for the better when love is a tornado