August 07

“If Life Were A Movie”

Most women fantasize about John Hughes directing their life. For those of you still in diapers, John Hughes gave us the 80’s classic films like “Pretty in Pink”, “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club”. The story plays out something like this…Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Tragedy strikes usually In the form of a bad hair day or unnecessary interference from the cool kids at school but “Against All Odds”, in the end, love conquers all and the credits run. Sadly enough, our fairy tale more often then not resembles “Paranormal Activity”, where inconceivably frightening and horrific circumstances interfere in our lives. At the same time our leading man more often resembles an insane Jack Nicholson in the “Shining”, or a tragic Leonardo on the sinking “Titanic”. Although it wouldn’t be that bad having a few nights with Leo before the ship catapulted to its doom. To our dismay, we’ve been told time and again “We can’t handle the truth!”, but here it is, “The Ugly Truth”…Ladies…we aren’t princesses, life is no fairytale, and Richard Gere is not emerging through the sunroof of his white horse limo on his way to rescue us from ourselves. Life is difficult, love can be excruciating and endings are never how we planned them to be. This wasn’t written to painfully rip out your heart and feed it to Hannibal Lecter, but more to help you realize that life and love is a roller coaster, exasperated by extreme highs and extreme lows. This doesn’t necessarily make us all bipolar, although self-diagnosis for some reason allows us to cope better. Trials and tribulations in love may appear to weaken even the “Rocky’s” in all of us, but we become a little stronger from every right hook and uppercut that loves throws. Thankfully the author of all authors says “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Yes I know it should say several mornings but who are we to argue with the creator of the universe! That perfect kiss, the moment you become lost in each others eyes and the butterflies that really feel like bats, they exist, they are real and they are incredible. But in the end when John Hughes yells “Cut!”, it’s the smiles of our children, the love from our friends and families and the endless possibilities ahead of us that turn our scars into trophies and our battle wounds into medals of honor. Love is the most wonderful creation in the history of time. When you’re in it, hold it ever so tight, treasure every moment, and never take it for granted because it is a true “Phenomenon”.