July 31

Love and War

The concept of war brings forth thoughts of risk, fear and destruction. The concept of love brings forth thoughts of security, peace and excitement. Or does it? Somehow these ideas are interchangeable. Civilians need not enlist in the armed forces to find themselves standing on the front line of a combat zone. After all “Love is a Battlefield”!
It’s peculiar that two such opposite spectrums have so much in common.
It’s been said love is like war, easy to begin but hard to stop. Love is so adventuresome and exciting when we are first drafted. Somewhere in the midst of dodging grenades and dropping bombs and I don’t mean on the porcelain throne, we wander into enemy lines. Before we wave the white flag and surrender we need to salvage the attributes that allowed us to join the battle in the first place.

The first of these characteristics is strength. Only the strong survive! The weak hearted will never thrive in war or in love. Soldiers fight for our country, our freedom. Relationships need to fight for their honor, fight for each other. A soldier in war must do what he thinks he cannot. He must look fear in the face and be brave. It’s the same in love. Forget about “I’m a lover not a fighter”. If your lover won’t fight for you then they are not worth it or worse yet they are weak. The weak will never know true love. This does not mean socking every person that checks your honey out! It simply means finding the strength to stick it out and fight adversity for the greatest of all commandments, love.

The second trait that needs to be sought after is courage. Courage is the most important virtue of love and of war. It is the testing point of all virtues. Only the courageous stand strong, confront adversity and don’t run away when things get tough. The weapon of the brave is in their heart. Never giving up for the glory of triumph and the hope for victory is essential in all relationships as well as in the war zone. Courage abounds for the glory of love!

The final building block necessary in love and war is faith. Faith is something we can’t see. We can’t touch. But we have to feel it rushing through our veins, like blood. It’s the life source that keeps us going. Faith keeps us dreaming that there will be a better tomorrow, believing that the war will soon come to an end, and knowing that peace is always within our grasp. Faith also allows us to relinquish our own plans knowing that we live in the will of a power far greater than our own comprehension.

Not all soldiers will find themselves ready for battle. Not all lovers are equipped to wage a succesful campaign. Sometimes we learn best by experience. There is no amount of training or preparing that enables you to make the decision to stand and fight or run like hell!   Only in love and war can the unexplainable and the unbelievable be forgiven. “All’s fair in love and war”! It is strength that holds us up, courage that keeps us going and faith that allows us to know that we are never in this battle alone. Therefore be strong, have courage and exemplify the faith that endures! Love and war are the only two things in life that are worth every battle scar and every tribulation.   Stand fast and persevere so you can receive your true medal of honor!