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December 15

Restoration “Suave Says”

On reflecting on this weeks episode one thing comes to mind, restoration. Relationships that have been broken, abandoned, taken for granted and to a certain degree destroyed can’t be completely restored in a 30 minute episode but what is important is that there is an initial effort. That is what the Episode entitled “Lazos Familiares” […]

December 08

Monster in Law “Suave Says”

At times I look at Kathy Mejia and her exciting life unfolding on social media and I think, Wow I’d like to be her for a day! But I’m just me, trying to unpack from a move across the country, starting a small business, figuring out what’s for dinner and trying to walk my over […]

June 24

The Reason

January 01


Redemption lies in remembranceOf the times we have failedHaunted memoriesWhen everything seems lost in darknessRelease from oppressionRelease from our obsessions Redemption has a costNecessary sacrificeBreaking chains that keep us hostageOf love thats’s not capable of loving backRemoving our history from our destinyRemoving anxieties that keep us in bondage Redemption brings restitutionCreating a crippling ripple of […]

October 21

Come Back To Me

The days aren’t quite the same There’s a chill in the air You are out there fighting demons I’m waiting, it’s not fair Love isn’t always what you dream of Sometimes it hurts too much Treading through the dark times And longing for your touch. There is no pill to stop the pain The answer […]

September 14


What if one action changed the course of your life? If you did one thing different in your day, even the smallest of notions, the entire fate of your destiny could change. Chaos is a scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. Although it […]

August 27

Ecuador Travel Guide for Burnouts

Although my blog is usually dedicated to love, romance and tragic relationships, I felt compelled to share some interesting facts about one of the most beautiful places in the world with the best food I might add! 10 Interesting Facts About The Coast of Ecuador 1. You can smoke marijuana in public and that includes […]

August 24


A French proverb says that “Everything passes, everything wears out, and everything breaks.” In other words everything changes. If we are living and breathing we are undeniably changing every minute. The multiplicity of changing with each moment separates the living from the dead. We dream of transforming from a moth to a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately […]

August 10


The Earth stands still Silence that feels surreal Peculiar humming, haunting light No warning, no watch Not aware of what’s in sight Conscious to the eerie calm of the night I never saw it coming I never felt like running Winds of change were in the air Tainted heart, tarnished love Preexisting conditions were already […]

July 26

Holding Out For The Fairy Tale

Today my daughter and I had a conversation about love. Jennifer Lopez after several failed attempts at love and marriage said it best… “I’m holding out for the fairy tale.” I love that! So I proceeded to give her my best synopsis on finding the fairy tale. First of all your Prince is someone who […]