January 01




Redemption lies in remembrance
Of the times we have failed
Haunted memories
When everything seems lost in darkness
Release from oppression
Release from our obsessions

Redemption has a cost
Necessary sacrifice
Breaking chains that keep us hostage
Of love thats’s not capable of loving back
Removing our history from our destiny
Removing anxieties that keep us in bondage

Redemption brings restitution
Creating a crippling ripple of consequence
Running to escape from ourselves
Make beauty from the things that made us weep
Allowing scars to be trophies instead of our burdens
Allowing failures to serve their purpose

Redemption is opportunity
The blessing of a new day
Catapulting us to new heights
Polished as bright as gold
Power that is transforming
Power in one moment of change

Redemption gives birth
Turning damnation into absolution
Changing disgrace into retribution
Transforming tension into a solution
Replacing captivity with freedom
Replacing failures with a miraculous comeback