January 09


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t


Caught up in a whirlwind of enchanted love, you transcend so high off the ground you dance on air. The perfect love has quickly swept you off your feet. They say all the right things at exactly the right time. You’ve fallen and you can’t get up. Truth is, you don’t want to. You’d rather lie in the rapture of love than to even consider rising up and analyzing the situation. You are quite sure that fate, destiny, and even God has orchestrated this miraculous connection that has blindsided you.

Then suddenly…Poof, they are gone! The perfect love, your dream come true, here today gone tomorrow without a trace. Not even Sherlock Holmes can pick up their trail. This is a typical game kids play in their teenage years but when they carry this travesty into adulthood it is unfathomable! If it hasn’t happened to you already in your life, you are a lucky few. Be on guard! Houdini’s lurk around every corner! Arm yourself from these thieves in the night!
Abracadabra! Vanished into thin air. No explanation, no conversation not even a miserable text. I mean seriously modern technology has given this love offender every opportunity to find the easy way out, but they don’t. It’s something so shallow and so heartless in them that they choose silence. Maybe they are cowards, maybe they are sociopaths. Whatever they are they have bulldozed you like a ton of bricks. A grown person should know better. It is the lowest form of dishonor one human being can show to another by disappearing from their life without a word. There is no reason for the change of heart that could be more hurtful than realizing you weren’t even worth an explanation.
There is no conclusion that could be more awful than the worse case scenarios our imagination has dreamt up. Never is one’s character more evident than at the end of a relationship.

The “Vanishing Act” happens due to this enchanters own shortcomings, so quit questioning what you may or may not have done wrong. They are often too stupid or immature to realize that a simple conversation is a far better way to end a relationship than just disappearing. No matter the length or the depth of the relationship, no chapter of your life should ever end without respect and dignity. This magician doesn’t know the definition of these words.

No matter how painful your story ends, you can pick up the pieces and walk away with your head held high. You may long for closure. You may even become obsessed with understanding this illusionist. The truth is the lack of respect they showed you, should be all the closure you need. Love and honor yourself enough to let them go. This idiot failed to realize the catch was far better than the chase. In the end they have done you an enormous favor. Your knight in shining armor or enchanted princess was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The “Now you see me, now you don’t” story is a sad one especially for the runaway lover. No matter if they are in the company of many, this Master of Disguise will always walk this earth alone.