Come Back To Me

The days aren’t quite the same
There’s a chill in the air
You are out there fighting demons
I’m waiting, it’s not fair

Love isn’t always what you dream of
Sometimes it hurts too much
Treading through the dark times
And longing for your touch.

There is no pill to stop the pain
The answer is in your heart
One day we will be together
And nothing will tear us apart

If you hear the pitter patter
Of these feet running away
It’s just your imagination
I love you more each day

Just listen to my sweet voice
The words I say are true
I’ll take your hand and guide you
If you just let me through

My love is unconditional
Your battle has now become mine
I know you’re in their somewhere
Our hearts are intertwined

The walls on us cave in at times
But one thing you will see
I’ll never give up on you baby
You’re coming back to me