The Scary Truth About Love

Does the thought of being chewed up, ripped to shreds and spit out portray the fate of being in the hands of a monster, a serial killer or a ghoulish beast?  Let’s not forget to add the knife jabbed into your heart and twisted back and forth until you can no longer catch a breath? Or the tears that could fill a river that runs through the hole torn so massive in your soul.  Most of us have found ourselves in the grasp of Michael Meyers, in the embrace of Godzilla or chased by heartless zombies. They want our flesh, they suck our blood and they are invincible. We have all had our vulnerable hearts attacked by a mad MAN!

Instead of looking under our bed or in the closet for things that go bump in the night, we should closer examine the monster lying next to us.  We think they are soft and cuddly. Little do we know that what we see is not always what we get.  They come in various shapes and sizes. They have different weapons for attack. They are men and they can be monsters! I know… women aren’t perfect. Sometimes we travel on broomsticks, vomit pea soup and can turn our heads 360 degrees when we are possessed. . We also have telekinectic powers like Carrie and can kill you with a glance, or we have as many multiple personalities as Cybil keeping  you guessing. But this is not about us today. It’s about the men in our lives, those little monsters we just can’t run away from.

Let’s start with that big oaf Frankenstein man.  He seems harmless, almost endearing, so gentle and kind. Big problem is that he has no idea of his own strength. He has no clue he is hurting you and often does things that are inappropriate or says words that cut like a knife. Or he finds himself in situations where he makes the wrong decisions and unintentionally hurts you. “I didn’t know that I’d lose my job for not showing up. That’s not fair.” “I was drunk and she took advantage of me!” “I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary.” He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. After all he was concocted with so many peoples various body parts. He is an experiment gone wrong. An intelligent, strong woman might not put up with this for too long. You may grow weary constantly cleaning up his messes. But at least with Frankenstein what you see is what you get. There is always hope for a lobotomy!

Then there is the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the quintessential multi personality man that has more facets then a kaleidoscope. He sweeps us off our feet. His love and adoration is like none we have ever encountered. We fall so hard that we can’t recognize ourselves anymore. We walk on clouds with a bounce in our step. We are sure that we are staring into the eyes of our eternity then suddenly it all goes dark. Whether it be fear of commitment, cold feet, a new love interest, or worst of all you’ve fallen prey to a “player”, Prince Charming has suddenly become you’re worst nightmare. This bipolar maniac lifted you so high off the ground that when you crashed you left a crater large enough to be seen from space! Be warned that although Dr. Jekyll might overtake Mr. Hyde and the sun may shine again, you may have become too damaged to see this relationship through. The saddest part for this complicated monster is that when he realizes what he’s done and sees the light you may have already run terrified for the exit. Only time will tell with this manic man!

“I want to suck your blood!” Sexy right? Whether it’s his royal hotness Edward Cullen or the original Count Dracula, this tortured monster can’t help himself. These mindless killers who sparkle in the sun carry a burden that they long to shed but can’t let go of. They are a victim of everything that has gone wrong in their lives. He wishes he didn’t have the desire to suck the life out of you but he inadvertently does. He has been cursed by his past so you have no recourse but to continually try to save him, even if it means donating your own blood. Your compassion for him is beyond measure. After all he is helpless to the hand that life has dealt him. You love him unconditionally yet he loves you only as much as he can see past himself. This in turn leaves you longing for more than he is able to give. If you are up for the challenge and ready to battle the ghosts of the pasts and  the skeletons in his closet than this blood sucker might be the one for you. Just remember to not expect more than this vampire can give. You will only be disappointed and very uncomfortable sleeping in his coffin.

In closing let’s pay tribute to the relentless zombies that have only one thing on their mind, our flesh. Give honor to the American Psycho, sociopath who has no empathy for the jar of hearts he collects. Then there is the Ted Bundy serial killer who’s good looks and charm cuts you into tiny pieces that by the time you get yourself back together you don’t recognize the woman staring back at you in the mirror. Let’s pay homage to the alien that takes over your brain and steals the woman inside you. And finally Satan aka the Devil, is a sly one and the biggest, scariest monsters to avoid.  You won’t see him coming, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He will kill, steal and destroy your heart and not think twice. He is the monster that leads you down stray paths. He convinces you what is wrong is right. Pretty soon you are playing with fire and you will get burnt!

Whoa! That was gruesome. Unfortunately it’s bound to happen to us at least once in our lifetimes.  Every man and I guess…woman has a little monster inside. Sometimes we take the good with the bad and pray for change and sometimes we just have to move on. There is always another dragon to slay.

The good news is that the blood and guts left after the massacre can be cleaned up, buried and new beginnings can arise. We learn how to tackle demons and we learn when to walk away. As women we become Buffy the Vampire Slayer and priests performing exorcisms. Look… we cried when King Kong died and got a little sentimental when Jaws was blown up. It boils down to one thing. In the end we love the sinner not the sin. We love the monster not the pain he causes. There is hope for everyone. Even when you hear “Ch ch ch ah ah ah” and you see Jason around  the corner, try to remember there is someone behind that scary mask that may just need love too!