October 15



It can be difficult to fight back the tears if we look at the regrets of our lives, things we should have done, places we should have gone, words we should have said. Possibly the saddest utterances ever spoken from our mouths are “should have”, “could have”, or “would have”. These painful moments in our lives are the result of one thing, not taking chances. Regret for the mistakes we have made fade with time, but regret for the things we did not do is inconsolable. Life is built by taking chances. Chance is a force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen. We need to be explorers, not afraid of the wilderness. We should be entrepreneurs not afraid of failure. We need to be scientists searching for answers. We should be thinkers, not afraid of progress. We need to be dreamers not afraid of action. Most importantly we have to be lovers not afraid of a broken heart.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” How often we have heard these profound words. Our lives improve only when we take chances and the first and the most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves and honest with our hearts. It’s so very easy to become complacent with who we are. We would rather confine ourselves to the safe haven that we know then to put ourselves and our hearts out there to risk being trampled upon or experience murdered hope. At times it is a painful process. Breaking through barriers is no easy task, but the experience will take us to a new level. Sometimes it is necessary to live on the edge so we can see the view even if we fall, even if we fail. Pain no matter how much it seems to suffocate us, nourishes courage. How else would we ever become brave? Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. We may avoid suffering and sorrow by playing it safe but we will never feel, change, love or live unless we take chances. We learn and grow with each choice we make.

Life and love do not come with a rulebook. Sometimes it is necessary to chase the unknown. We can’t confine ourselves within four walls. Each day is an experiment. Whether we find ourselves in a new relationship or one that has sustained years or even decades, love should be a daring adventure or nothing at all. Living and loving must be intertwined with blind faith. Without risk faith cannot begin to exist. Everyday is a good day to fall in love or fall in love again.

The time is upon us to seize moments and capture dreams! So take a step forward, take a deep breath and take a chance. Great achievements in life require great risks. Therefore trust your crazy ideas! True love is risky business! If we put up too many guard rails up we could end up shutting out life itself. After all life is not about how much money we have, where we live, or what we drive. All that people will remember about us when we are gone is how much we loved and how much they loved us. This can only happen when we choose not to settle for the status quo. Instead we loved big! We took our chances and we never let words go unspoken. No one is promised tomorrow. Never leave anyone guessing how much they meant to us. We need to always say exactly how we are feeling without the fear of rejection. Be who we are and be ok with it! The only thing we have to lose is not taking risks. In the end, don’t regret the chances we didn’t take or the relationships we were afraid to have or the decisions we waited too long to make. If we aren’t taking risks we are watching life, love and the chance for happiness pass us by. For most, it is the road less traveled, but taking chances is the only road we should be on.