September 14



What if one action changed the course of your life? If you did one thing different in your day, even the smallest of notions, the entire fate of your destiny could change. Chaos is a scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. Although it is a common belief that are paths are determined before we ever took our first breath, the chaos theory allows us to realize that the subtle choices we make each day partake in the development of the grand plan. Even God changed his mind in the Bible on the fate of people based on their supplications and their choices. This theory that even the smallest change in life’s details can greatly affect the outcome can be beautifully described as the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect explains how a butterfly flapping his wings in California has the power to cause a hurricane in China. It may take a very long time, but the connection is real. If the butterfly had not flapped its wings at just the right point in space and time, the hurricane would not have happened. Another way to express this is that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the end results. Our lives are an ongoing demonstration of this principle and our relationships are an ongoing example of this phenomenon.

Would I have met he man I’ve spent half my life with had I not decided last minute to fly to Mexico giving up a well paying job in Miami? Would we have married had I not been pregnant? Would I have tolerated ten years of adultery had my father treated me like a princess and taught me self worth? Would my marriage have sustained tribulation had my curiosity not made a FB friend request of an old friend one lonely December day? In a split second decision I made the choice to stay in Kentucky on a hope and a prayer instead of my plan to settle in the Carolinas. These choices will lead to end results that will drastically alter my destiny. One decision, one action can change everything in an instant. A small change in the initial condition of the system causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events.

We are actually more in control of things than we think. Although certain circumstance our out of our grasp, how we choose to react to the situation is very much in our control. It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. How we deal with difficult circumstances in our lives affect not only our path but the steps of others especially the ones we love. Piece by piece, choice by choice, step by step our lives are a laborious mosaic, and we are the artist painting the canvas of our lives.

Human behavior is completely unpredictable, especially when it comes to our love lives. Nonetheless we are responsible for the outcome of the tone of our day and we play a great part in the outcome of our partner’s day also. A kiss and a smile in the morning can start the day off on holy ground, while a grumble and a moan sets the pace for an unfulfilling day . A text or call saying “I Love You” for no reason at all could change the mood of our love’s terrible day at work, while a simple angry look can add fuel to the flame. Asking how our partners day was and really listening will guarantee a blissful evening, while silence screams louder than troubled words. A hug or some cuddling could be just the right medicine for a peaceful nights sleep while rolling over and closing ourselves off leads to tossing and turning all night. There are moments that we must die to self to please the one we love by thinking of their needs before our own. This can change the entire course of our relationship. No matter how irrelevant the changes in choices may seem, they will eventually demonstrate ramifications in the future. We find that in our moments of decisions that our destiny is shaped.

Now is the time to start paying attention to details. We do hold the cards to our happiness and the key to peace. The hour has come to pay attention to the small things so we don’t miss the important events in our lives . Although it seems at time we are powerless to avoid the treacheries of fate we are very much in control of the positive effect we can have on the end result. Bad choices cannot damage our lives unless we let them. Remember the butterfly that flapped his wings and caused a hurricane? Like that butterfly we can spread our wings and love and our vibrant colors can shine with a smile or a kind word. Let’s take control of our destiny and find the joy in every situation by making choices that allow us to experience peace instead of a ravaging hurricane.