Ecuador Travel Guide for Burnouts

Although my blog is usually dedicated to love, romance and tragic relationships, I felt compelled to share some interesting facts about one of the most beautiful places in the world with the best food I might add!
10 Interesting Facts About The Coast of Ecuador
1. You can smoke marijuana in public and that includes restaurants.
2. You can drink alcohol in a moving vehicle with the exception of the driver.
3. Dogs are welcome in restaurants and that includes stray dogs which I might add are everywhere. They sit at your table while you eat and make love in the streets while you watch, but they are all very friendly.
4. The bugs are ten times the size as they are in the US and they love humans, making themselves quite comfortable resting on your body from time to time.
5. Shoes and shirts are not required anywhere! And bathing is optional, yet highly discouraged. Water conservation!
6. Urinating any where you feel like is accepted. I have seen more male genitalia than I’ve ever seen in my life on this trip.
7. Do not put toilet paper in the toilets!! It causes instant havoc. I have stuck my hands in more toilets here to remove paper than I would care to remember.
8. Pirated music and movies are sold in actual stores everywhere.
9. You can be your own physician. Just diagnose yourself and pick up your meds at the local farmacia. Everything but Narcotics. I already tried.
10. You can fit as many people as you like in a car. The more the better. Saves traffic delays. No seat-belts or car seats required yet strangely enough I asked an emergency room doctor about this and he said they hardly have any children injured in car accudents. go figure?
I could list so many more fun facts about this unique place after my last few weeks here. It has been an eye opening and an eye closing experience of a life time!