August 24


A French proverb says that “Everything passes, everything wears out, and everything breaks.” In other words everything changes. If we are living and breathing we are undeniably changing every minute. The multiplicity of changing with each moment separates the living from the dead. We dream of transforming from a moth to a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately some changes feel more like a maggot turning into a fly. Sometimes change is welcome, sometimes it is dreaded but more often than not, change in our lives is usually accompanied by fear. A new career or a new attitude is beguiling yet mandates courage and faith. A new friendships or a new relationship is enchanting yet requires boldness and fearlessness. Like a chameleon ever changing to adapt to new atmospheres we must likewise adapt to new addresses or new beginnings. Every new beginning comes from another beginnings end. It is the cycle of living.

The best part of change is that we know we are capable of changing the bad things in our lives. Every sinner has a future. There is revival and redemption through change. The ability lies within each of us. Sometimes we may need to reach out for a helping hand, and surround ourselves with positive influences. Where there is change there is also decision. Change can only begin from the inside.

Like a kaleidoscope we are constantly transforming into new contrasts, new colors and new combinations. The joy of life and the essence of change is always seeing a blank canvas and filling it with color. Some combinations are vibrant and exciting bringing happiness and prosperity, others dark and faint breathing wisdom and knowledge. Without the ever-changing colors of life there would be hopelessness.

Change can be frightening and readjusting can be painful. At times we have to leave the familiar in order to grow. This usually requires letting go of something we cherish or hold dear. That is the difficult part. Just when we think we have it all figured out, life throws a curveball and a changeup. We like to be comfortable but comfortable causes complacency and where there is complacency we become stagnant. We stop dreaming. The adventure ends. That is no way to live. Forever can be a difficult word to grasp because everything changes and change is inevitable for growth.

When we reach a turning point in our lives and the voice inside us tell us to go back to where we are safe and comfortable and the pounding of our hearts is deafening, we must let go of our fear. We must take the plunge. Change is a natural phenomenon. It is necessary and the secret to existence. A young caterpillar asked his mother “How does one become a butterfly?” And the mother realizing the very essence of that change may leave her sad and lonely, she responded. “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” Then she must in turn allow him to fly away.