August 17

A Love Without…

I want to dance in the rain

I want to skip without fear of uncertainty

I want to bathe in the winds with the sun kissing my cheek

In glorious freedom

Without stress

Without concern

Without my steadfast heart growing weak

I want to feel the joy that is love

I want to hurt when its time to know pain

I want to laugh till it’s too unbearable to breathe

In owning each moment

Without regret

Without restraint

Without succumbing to sacrificial needs

I want to know the touch of true love

I want to drown in it’s intoxicating fumes

I want to basque in the ambiance of love’s pleasure

In passionate silence

Without fear

Without remorse

Without contemplating measure

I want to love the fire within me

I want to praise the light from above

I want to know the strength that’s still left

In heartfelt wisdom

Without judgment

Without scrutiny

Without having to strangle hope to death

I want to dream again

I want to breathe on my own

I want to believe the impossible to existence

In counting hours not days

Without fear

Without boundaries

Without getting lost in translation

I want to see hopelessness become faith

I want the promise of tomorrow

I want to live not simply exist

In virtuous liberty

Without sorrows

Without suffering

Without looking back