July 26

Holding Out For The Fairy Tale

Today my daughter and I had a conversation about love. Jennifer Lopez after several failed attempts at love and marriage said it best… “I’m holding out for the fairy tale.” I love that! So I proceeded to give her my best synopsis on finding the fairy tale.
First of all your Prince is someone who is deep! Shallow men will never inherit the Magic Kingdom. He listens to lyrics before melodies. He loves poetry or art. He reads. A sensitive and spiritual Prince will definitely keep your heart. He cried when he watched the Notebook and was without question on “Team Noah”!
The second sign that you’ve found the fairy tale is easily detectable in his eyes. You will know if those eyes are the eyes you long to gaze into for the rest of your life. They may wrinkle with time, and everything else on the body may fail, but his eyes will always be the gateway to his soul. The last things you want to stare into, at your dying breath, are the eyes of your Prince.
Thirdly, the fairy tale is your best friend. He loves you unconditionally and would rather be holding your hand, by your side than anywhere else in the world. He fills your day with laughter and your nights with dreams.
And Finally… He’s rich! No come on! That’s definitely not a requirement. The final qualification for the man of your dreams is the one thing that has kept most women from living the fairy tale. It is the most difficult characteristic to encounter. Your prince is a man who would fight for your honor. One that is relentless in his pursuit of you. A man who doesn’t walk away when skies are rough. One who knows you’re worth it and rises to all challenges. Prince Charming would rescue you from harms way and will save you even when he has to save you from yourself. The fairytale lover will never give up on you, even if you want him to. Why? Because he loves you… He really loves you.