Give it Time

Through the years we make terrible, awful mistakes
Stop trying to put the pieces together
Leave them on the floor
Rejection and pain may feel like home
But stop finding safety in what seems familiar
Release hurt
Release fear
You can’t keep one foot on the brakes
You don’t see it, till you feel it
Give it time

Bad decisions coupled by tragic regrets in life
Should have, could have moments
are nothing more than fantasy
Let them die so you can make room for possibilities
They are not linked to your destiny
People stop loving you
People stop caring
Allow your heart to break
You won’t know it, till you blow it
Give it time

Hanging on to air and believing in a lie
Don’t tie your heart to a person
That has nothing left to offer you
And when you think you can’t live without someone
You will find out one day that you could
And although it’s hard
And you may hurt
They never deserved your love
You don’t get it, when you’re in it
Give it time

Stop holding onto someone because you think they need you
That’s the greatest lie we tell ourselves
If someone needed you they wouldn’t let you go
Sometimes you must burn a bridge or two
So you have no other option but to move forward
No matter how much it hurts
No matter how impossible it seems
Don’t let it get the best of you
You won’t drop it, till you stop it
Give it time

You are worth so much more than what you settled for
People that don’t value you for whatever reason
They may not see it right away but they will regret
They will wish that someone would love them half as much as you did
That someone would care for them like you cared
But you’ll be gone
You turned the page
Keep the memories, but move on
You will shine, with love divine
Give it time