May 12


I Call Her Mother

She is the first face I ever knew
The arms that held me through and through
I was her treasure she was my prize, each and every day
She is the lullaby in my dreams
I’ll always be her everything
She’s always there for me it seems
There is no measure of the love she sends my way

She let go when I took my first step
And held her breath each time I left
For school each day, she waved goodbye
She kept me close as I would grow
She held my heart each time it broke
Each tear I shed was not alone
And as I ran she held on tight

She stood and patiently watched me grow
Then she so tenderly let me go
She never clipped my wings, she always let me fly
I made mistakes around every turn
Somehow she knew that I would learn
And like a child I would return
Her silent prayers for me every night

She put me first and herself last
It’s clear from shadows of the past
The distance cannot quench the love I could not see
She is the reason I survive
My guardian angel all my life
The why and purpose I’m alive
I hope she knows just how much she means to me

For all the times she held my hand
For lifting me up when I couldn’t stand
Her love could never be replaced by another
For loving me through all these years
For all the laughter and the tears
These moments are my souvenirs
And that is why I call Her Mother