Crazy Love Story

Love is crazy. There is no other word to explain it. It can make us act like neurotic lunatics. Love can make us feel like we are losing our minds.
We start to analyze our actions and question our own sanity. We self diagnose ourselves and believe that we must have something mentally wrong with us to feel and act the way we do. We love with all our hearts. We care beyond measure. We dedicate so much time to people and when they don’t reciprocate our love we sometimes don’t take no for an answer. We keep loving. We keep giving. We keep believing that somehow if we love someone enough they will have a change of heart. Maybe, just maybe they will trip and fall back in love with us. The crazy thing is we call it determination. We take pride in our relentless behavior. We make fools of ourselves in the name of love.
The trouble is sometimes the people we choose to love don’t have a heart in the first place. Or possibly their heart has been beaten and broken. We play love doctor and think we can fix them. What happens though is we allow our own hearts to take a beating in the process.
Love can blind us. We view love through rose colored glasses. This cloudy vision only sees the best of people. We couldn’t see the bad no matter how many people warned us. We make excuses for them every time they fall short of the glory of love.
Love can seem so real, straight out of a fairytale, till you do the math. Sometimes the truth hits you like a ton of bricks. This was no fairytale. It was a lie. You got caught up in someone else’s game. They used you for their own selfish reasons. They never really loved you. You were some cheap thrill. And you were naive enough to hang on every word they said.
It’s time to wise up. If someone tells you they think they smell a rat don’t turn the other cheek. Be sure beyond reasonable doubt that this person you think you love is for real. Don’t waste a second of your time or any piece of your heart on someone that’s not worth it. Maybe you are a dreamer or an idealist, but eventually you have to wake up from that story you created in your head and realize that glorious confusion was nothing more than a great big mess.
Our egos and our hearts confuse each other. Sometimes it’s our egos that don’t let go. When we get hurt we go through different phases. First confusion, then sadness. Then anger sets in. And anger feels so much better than a broken heart. Finally our egos hit us hard!! And it’s pride that doesn’t let go. We think it’s our hearts.
If you really sit back and analyze the relationship it probably wasn’t all you made it out to be. It played out much better on the pages of the story of your life. But it wasn’t an autobiography. It was fiction and at some points science fiction.
You hung out in the twilight zone far too long!
The truth is in life pain is inevitable. Broken hearts are going to happen. It’s out of our control. But what we do have is the power to choose who we allow to hurt us. So be wise! If that person you are so into suddenly stops paying attention to you, you best believe they are paying attention to someone else. Quit making excuses for them. Say goodbye and then punish them.
The best revenge is to be happy! Don’t allow them one more second to take pride in your misery. There are opportunities for happiness around every corner. So take chances. Smile and enjoy the weight that has been lifted off of you. Hold your head up, stay beautiful and flaunt the hell out of it! Most importantly stop searching for crazy love and start letting someone love you like crazy!20140627-063556-23756296.jpg