October 15



When I look at myself in the mirror
I feel special
I’m not like other girls
Or so I think
I’m funny
I’m smart
I have so much love in my heart
I’m strong
Yet meek
A perfect catch that’s me
I see my pictures displayed to the world
Perfect lighting
Perfect filters
Witt only goes so far
Theres no college degree
And I give my heart too easily
I’m needy
And emotional
Loads of baggage otherwise known as life
I don’t walk through life with photo shop
Sometimes there’s harsh light
That pretty girl is not the face I always see when I look in the mirror
I am a woman
That envisions a girl
I wish everyone could see me as
Shes there on the inside
Everyone should see what I see
But no one takes the time to see your soul
No one ever really knows you
No one can understand you
Nobody sees the potential you see in yourself
If they did they’d never leave you
Just when you think someone really
Gets you
Wants you
Needs you
You are ordinary
You aren’t unique
You are undeserving
You are just like the rest
You really aren’t that good hearted
You aren’t so special after all
You are just you
And that’s beautiful
Extraordinary things come from