July 06


There comes an undeniable moment in life where we must reinvent ourselves.
We must choose courage instead of allowing our fear to dictate our future
We must not allow pain to behest our choices
Be resilient
Believe in your worth
Be brave
Be confident
Remember the things you were passionate about in your youth
Embrace them
Only You are in charge of how you feel today
Feel happiness
Feel freedom
Feel renewed
Feel rebirth
Sometimes the wrong choices will bring us to the right places
It’s our duty to allow God to use what the devil meant for bad for good
Scar tissue is strong
Find your strength
Find your courage
Find your purpose
Find yourself
Break through the bondage that ties you
Learn how to breathe again
Take in every moment
Conquer the challenges
Conquer your faults
Conquer your demons
Conquer your dreams
You only live once
Give it your everything
Don’t settle for mediocrity