July 13

Damsel in Distress

My first Halloween costume was a fairy princess. My greatest honor was receiving a sparkling tiara. On my wedding day I longed for the storybook, royal ceremony. As far back as I can remember, I had a dream and it had nothing to do with our nations equality. I wanted to be a princess. Set in the heart of little girls is a fairy tale. Whether it was a book, a VHS, a DVD, “Cinderella”, “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty” paved our future path of destruction! “True loves kiss”, “Happily ever after”, and “Love conquers all!” The insatiable desire to be wanted and fought for has plagued women since Eve first seduced Adam with the apple. This mentality comes at a price. Where there is a princess, there needs be a prince and of course he must save the day! As long as I can remember I’ve seen myself as a damsel in distress, waiting to be rescued, even when no present danger existed. Women long to be pursued, desired and wanted. Unfortunately for us, men are chips off the old block of Adam. Why the heck did he not tell Eve to put down that fruit because she had been eating too much and it was swimsuit season? Men seldom risk. Most men won’t fight for our honor and they tend to shy away from rescuing us. Truthfully we all know we are completely capable of taking care of ourselves. Cinderella was a strong courageous woman. She could have told her evil stepsisters and step monster where to “Stick it”. Snow White was resourceful and independent. When there was an evil hag at the door, she could have called in her animal friends and taken that old shrew out! Then there is Sleeping Beauty. Seriously she didn’t need to spin her own clothes. Aurora was of royal decent. She should have just called her stylist. But far be it from these damsels to think out of the box. A real princess always plays too close to the fire, hoping for a savior. Their only chance of survival was the passionate kiss of a strange man. A hero who is ready to fight witches and sorcery for the love of his life that he recently just met. We can’t even get the men in our life to put down their phones! When conflict arises men disappear, go silent and become passive aggressive. Or worse yet they become defensive. That’s a whole other story. Did young boys miss out on the entire Disney experience! How are they ever going to learn how to be our prince?
In fairytales true love is instant and permanent. Sharing hearts is complete and irrevocable. In reality true love is vague and elusive. Hearts get broken and people are replaceable. Women are cursed with loneliness. Man’s worst fear is failure. Why can’t these things work together to cure our relational heartache? Men need to fear failing our need for love. If they did relationships would be “happily ever after”. True love possesses such tangible strength it can conquer anything. So before we have to go to extreme measures and fall into eternal sleep, waiting true loves kiss, hurry up Prince Charming! Put down the cell phone. Lighten the workload. Risk it all and fight for our honor! I guarantee you that we Princesses are worth the effort!