July 17


I’ll be seeing you tonight
It’s been awhile
Time has taken its toll
Distance has done its damage
I wonder if you’ll still look the way I remember
I wonder if your touch will still be tender

I see your eyes the day you left
Feels like an eternity
Time has matured me
Distance has broken me
I wonder if you will sigh when I say your name
I wonder if the songs will sound the same

You watched me as I walked away
Till you no longer recognized my face
Time has played its part
Distance has drown my tears
I wonder if your smile will still put out the sun
I wonder if into my arms you will run

I’ve been dreaming of the future
Since the day you left
Time has made me want you more
Distance has only proven my love
I wonder if you’ve dreamt of this night to be
I wonder if you saved yourself for me

Now the moment is upon us
We’ve waited for so long
Time surrenders its debt
Distance lost its battle
I wonder if your heart will accept this invite
I wonder if you will be in my dreams tonight