July 20



You’ve crossed my path
Come along for a ride
Don’t ever look back
Leave your soul behind
Only play with matches if you want to get burnt
Only run with scissors if you want to get hurt
Life is perilous road with a gypsy

Goodbye safe haven
Security in the dust
Welcome unchartered road
Spontaneity or trust
Wandering soul, see your future in her eyes
Bohemian princess never looking back in time
Life is a new beginning with a gypsy

Laughter drowns the pain
Layers of lonely fears
Adventure lies ahead
Facing freedom without tears
Moonbeams in her hair, dancing in the night
Wild eyed girl and dazzling stars shining bright
Life is an illusion with a gypsy

Never stay too long
Freedom somehow turns to chains
Never bet on a sure thing
Everyone’s playing games
Not all who wander this path are lost
Predicting your future has a cost
Life is a gamble with a gypsy

Tell me my fortune
And I’ll read your mind
Don’t fall in love with me
Finished with lies
You cannot walk straight when the road is bent
My chances for love already came and went
Life can be a lonely road with a gypsy