February 14


In Love With Love

Love is the strongest force the world possesses. It has the power to elevate us to the highest peaks and then send us crashing into the great abyss. Love is revolutionary yet humbling. It’s beautiful, yet tragic. The effect it has on its victim is so tremendous that it can best be compared to a drug. Romantic love causes a release of the “feel good” chemical dopamine in our brain allowing us to to feel a significant euphoric high, similar to the effects of cocaine. Love is a drug and some of us are addicts! You aren’t alone if you are in love with being in love! Even our bodies can work against us, cranking out these hard-to-resist chemicals – chemicals we try to remanufacture when the love buzz starts to wear off. Love can ignite an addiction that can wreak havoc on our lives. Love addicts are addicted to the rush of falling in love.

Lovers of love are professional daydreamers. They live on their own Fantasy Island where Tatu is bringing them shots of Ecstacy around every corner. If the butterflies and goose bumps aren’t present then they will make them come alive in their head. Dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities. Make believe colors alter the truth like a psychedelic shroom! It is an innocent distortion that allows us to dream love into existence. Our mind creates a false reality. The rush of falling in love often causes us to set our sights on the wrong person. We make excuses when the one we are yearning for falls short of our expectations. We hear what we want to hear still believing we can change their minds. Sometimes we get so involved in trying to revise the situation that we don’t see the reality. They just aren’t that into you! Falling for make believe allows people to see through the lens of idealism and idealism paints a far more beautiful rose colored picture.
Learning to love in the absence of illusions is the tough part. Some of us are never truly satisfied. It is the moment of quiet in our dreams that this underlying truth comes out. Enough is never enough when it comes to love ! The compulsive desire to fall in love—over and over again—can be prompted by several things. Poor childhood nurturing, rejection from one or both parents, low-self esteem, lack of positive relationship role models and unrealistic depictions of romance in the media, all set the scene for an accidental overdose. While under the influence we behave recklessly, widely, and passionately. The object of our desire becomes our own personal heroin. We crave this person. You’re willing to do crazy things, stupid things, that could ultimately hurt you and the people that care about you. Just as a person would behave while fighting a drug addiction, a lovelorn person obsesses, craves and distorts reality.
Is there a cure for this love junkie? It begins by admitting to ourselves that we have a problem. We need to proclaim that our hearts are priceless, and they contributes in every area of our lives. We must make a commitment to protect our hearts and not just throw them away looking for love in people and places where love cannot be found. King Solomon the wisest man in history warned us to “Guard your heart above anything else for the source of life flows from it.” The heart is extremely fragile and a broken heart often sends us in the wrong direction of life or into the arms of the next drug dealer. The good news is time does heal. “Just say no!”, to the the temptation. Count the days, or even hours since you had your last fix and as time passes, activity in the parts of the brain associated with attachment and addiction decreases. Let us all respect our own hearts and learn to love and value ourselves. In a mystic way “true” love conquers all and good outweighs evil. If all else fails and you fall of the wagon don’t despair. Being in love with love is an internal struggle and it is pretty intense. Get up! Deal with the hangover, and remember every day is a new beginning!