February 16


Deafening silence pounding my ears
Invisible lyrics
Invisible tears
Words that escape me just like a dream
Invisible faith
Invisible screams

If you could only see me
You’d see how much you hurt me
But I can’t make you see
the Us I want us to be

I could only see myself in your eyes
Invisible hope
Invisible lies
Trying so hard to breathe on my own
Invisible fears
Invisible home
Am I really here now
Do you even care now
I can’t make you love me
The love I want us to be

Screaming out so loud now
But you still can’t hear me
I used to be invincible
Standing here before you
But you see right through me
Now I am just invisible

Lies that said you loved me
Games you played so easy
I used to be so sensible
Hearing my heart beating
But I just can’t feel me
Now I’m just comfortably miserable

You were never really there at all