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October 15


It can be difficult to fight back the tears if we look at the regrets of our lives, things we should have done, places we should have gone, words we should have said. Possibly the saddest utterances ever spoken from our mouths are “should have”, “could have”, or “would have”. These painful moments in our […]

September 14


What if one action changed the course of your life? If you did one thing different in your day, even the smallest of notions, the entire fate of your destiny could change. Chaos is a scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. Although it […]

August 24


A French proverb says that “Everything passes, everything wears out, and everything breaks.” In other words everything changes. If we are living and breathing we are undeniably changing every minute. The multiplicity of changing with each moment separates the living from the dead. We dream of transforming from a moth to a beautiful butterfly. Unfortunately […]

July 28

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect Look into this picture, beyond the words What do you see? Do you see picture perfect blue eyes Or black and blue Hand made by me? Glamorous lives of the rich and famous Not always the case We all have our skeletons behind closed doors Demons to be erased Everything lost in pain […]

July 06


There comes an undeniable moment in life where we must reinvent ourselves. We must choose courage instead of allowing our fear to dictate our future We must not allow pain to behest our choices Be resilient Believe in your worth Be brave Be confident Remember the things you were passionate about in your youth Embrace […]