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October 21

Come Back To Me

The days aren’t quite the same There’s a chill in the air You are out there fighting demons I’m waiting, it’s not fair Love isn’t always what you dream of Sometimes it hurts too much Treading through the dark times And longing for your touch. There is no pill to stop the pain The answer […]

October 15


It can be difficult to fight back the tears if we look at the regrets of our lives, things we should have done, places we should have gone, words we should have said. Possibly the saddest utterances ever spoken from our mouths are “should have”, “could have”, or “would have”. These painful moments in our […]

September 14


What if one action changed the course of your life? If you did one thing different in your day, even the smallest of notions, the entire fate of your destiny could change. Chaos is a scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. Although it […]

August 17

A Love Without…

I want to dance in the rain I want to skip without fear of uncertainty I want to bathe in the winds with the sun kissing my cheek In glorious freedom Without stress Without concern Without my steadfast heart growing weak I want to feel the joy that is love I want to hurt when […]

August 10


The Earth stands still Silence that feels surreal Peculiar humming, haunting light No warning, no watch Not aware of what’s in sight Conscious to the eerie calm of the night I never saw it coming I never felt like running Winds of change were in the air Tainted heart, tarnished love Preexisting conditions were already […]

August 07

“If Life Were A Movie”

Most women fantasize about John Hughes directing their life. For those of you still in diapers, John Hughes gave us the 80’s classic films like “Pretty in Pink”, “Sixteen Candles” and “The Breakfast Club”. The story plays out something like this…Girl meets boy. They fall in love. Tragedy strikes usually In the form of a […]

July 31

Love and War

The concept of war brings forth thoughts of risk, fear and destruction. The concept of love brings forth thoughts of security, peace and excitement. Or does it? Somehow these ideas are interchangeable. Civilians need not enlist in the armed forces to find themselves standing on the front line of a combat zone. After all “Love […]

July 26

Holding Out For The Fairy Tale

Today my daughter and I had a conversation about love. Jennifer Lopez after several failed attempts at love and marriage said it best… “I’m holding out for the fairy tale.” I love that! So I proceeded to give her my best synopsis on finding the fairy tale. First of all your Prince is someone who […]

July 20


You’ve crossed my path Come along for a ride Don’t ever look back Leave your soul behind Only play with matches if you want to get burnt Only run with scissors if you want to get hurt Life is perilous road with a gypsy Goodbye safe haven Security in the dust Welcome unchartered road Spontaneity […]

July 17


I’ll be seeing you tonight It’s been awhile Time has taken its toll Distance has done its damage I wonder if you’ll still look the way I remember I wonder if your touch will still be tender I see your eyes the day you left Feels like an eternity Time has matured me Distance has […]